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Awards for BEST WESTERN PLUS Pocaterra Inn

posted by: BEST WESTERN PLUS Pocaterra Inn on: February 17, 2013 03:45:49 PM

Management of inns and hotels often publicize rewards such as the two earned by Pocaterra Inn staff posted above. Congratulations, Pocaterra! You worked hard for them; you deserve the recognition receive


Sometimes, as in BEST WESTERN PLUS Pocaterra’s case, hotels wish to be subtle about their ratings and limit their comments about them. They assume that readers and viewers will see the emblems, accept their significance, and show their appreciation by reserving a room at their establishment.  Nothing wrong with that!

Notwithstanding the preceding, customers at some hotels too quickly gloss over certificates posted online. Maybe they overlook them because they are in a hurry to elicit the specific features they demand in their hotel search. Maybe they dismiss awards as a ploy to promote the hotel’s interests.  Maybe they suspect that claims might not even be true, but are constructed or even manipulated by businesses seeking publicity.

It’s time now to let readers and viewers have a behind-the-scenes look to really understand why Pocaterra is so proud of its TripAdvisor and Travelers’ Choice awards.  To begin with, these accolades are given for excellence in hotel services and accommodations.  Guests have been commenting on Pocaterra’s superior service and hospitality for years.  But, receiving the awards from two of the most important review sites in the world takes on new meaning.

Travelers’ Choice and TripAdvisor are the most popular, and highly-rated businesses in the hotel industry. They are leading sources of user-generated comments.   TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, counting over 40 million monthly visitors, and more than 45 million reviews from 29 countries.  It is also one of the most-trusted travel websites in the industry because of its zero-tolerance policy on fraud and fake reviews.  Meeting the standards set for a TripAdvisor award requires real travelers on the site to provide consistently excellent ratings.  In fact, ratings scores of four or higher out of a possible five must be maintained.  The volume of reviews over the past year also is considered.  Ultimately, only 10 per cent of all hotels listed by TripAdvisor qualify for the awards earned by Pocaterra.

Receiving awards from these distinguished companies offers recipients such as Pocaterra, credibility, and the confidence to continue to build their reputation of value and service.  Anywhere you look on this website and in all aspects of Pocaterra’s operations you will encounter facilities and the dedication of staff who have only one aim: to provide the traveler with the most fulfilling, memorable experience that can be had at a hotel.  BEST WESTERN PLUS Pocaterra takes pride in working for and achieving the industry’s most prestigious awards.  Hopefully you are now more able to understand their background and will want to visit this outstanding inn soon to experience for yourselves how they earned their awards!

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