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Favourite Spots At Pocaterra

posted by: BEST WESTERN PLUS Pocaterra Inn on: April 19, 2013 05:06:55 PM

Best Western Plus Pocaterra Inn is more than an excellent place to stay for a night, a week, or even longer. What is special that attracts guests year after year?  We asked around, suspecting that our luxurious rooms and well-thought-out amenities would be the prime answers. They did prove to be the most popular reasons for staying with us, but many guests favour not only their room or suite, but also different spots in the hotel where memories are created or relived.

A favourite Pocaterra spot for many visitors is our breakfast area. We suspect the main reason for this area being their favourite is that Pocaterra, as do many Best Western hotels, offers complimentary daily hot continental breakfasts.   We all know the importance of starting the day right with more than a quick cup of coffee. And, who will object to a free start to a busy day? We suspect Pocaterra’s choices of breakfast items were the main attraction.  We didn’t, however, suspect one dad’s reason for the complimentary breakfast area being his favourite place: as an early riser, he could quickly nab a croissant or two to maintain calm with his kids, who always awake with voracious appetites, pleading to not wait for the family breakfast!


Pocaterra’s indoor pool area is an overwhelming favourite venue for guests of all ages.  Got the family with you?  Join them on the waterslide!  Snowing or cold outside? Ease your way into our hot tub, steam room or sauna:  there’s room for all! Too warm in the hot summer sun?  Jump into our indoor pool for a refreshing swim.  It’s easy to see why guests dream of our deluxe water site and select it as their favourite Pocaterra area.

If you haven’t guessed by now, our Exercise Facility is another popular place to unwind.  Travellers wanting to maintain their physical regimen or relieve stress during their stay take full advantage of our complimentary fitness facility for their workout needs.
Our elliptical treadmill, bike or weight machine also offers a great alternative for your workout when the temperatures drop.   

Our guest rooms of all types appeal to visitors seeking luxurious quarters. Many enjoy their solitude by reading or curling up in their armchairs to gaze through their windows at the spectacular Rocky Mountain views. Alternatively, they take advantage of our Canmore Webcam to see an amazing panoramic view of the area day or night.  They also reserve one of the King Rooms on the top floor, and especially the Executive Suites, for size, comfort, and enjoy the best views in the neighbourhood.  No wonder they qualify as favourite spots at Pocaterra.

The list of favourites at Pocaterra is touched on above, but is never ending. Join us to establish your own personal favourite spots in the hotel, or revisit areas from previous visits which created cherished memories.  Contact our eager staff for suggestions of how they can help maximize your enjoyment, and discover your favourite spot while staying at the Pocaterra Inn.

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